Friday, August 19, 2016

Get My Griff On!:Grady M Mail Day Part 6

Simply put, today I am showing off some new Griffey's for the PC.

Up first, new Donruss addition. I actually don't mind the photo on this one. Usually I am more for action shots.

This is a cool looking card and the angle of the shot doesn't show the helmet being "scribbled" out of the Mariners logo. Solid all around.

Really like this one, solid Griffey swing on the artistic design.

I remember a lot of these moments. I watched a ton more baseball in the 90's especially for this guy.

Another one of these added to my hopeful set!
5 more Griffey's down, 1000's more to go. We are creeping towards the end of this mail day but there is still tons to show.

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