Monday, August 1, 2016

REVIEW:2016 Panini Clear Vision

It's back!

Clear Vision makes it's 2016 presence early in the football card season with it's all acetate-goodness.

What's my thoughts on this years? Well, read on!

Every box of 2016 Clear Vision will provide you with 6 packs per box and 3 cards per pack. Boxes will run you roughly $60-$65. You will find one autograph or memorabilia card per box with autographs falling only 2 per case.

The base set is almost identical to last years. Once again it's all acetate and has a mix of stars of yesterday, today and tomorrow. However, there is a crazy 30 different team variations! Variations feature different teams than the base versions. I want to get my hands on the Kurt Warner Giants version!!

The rookie cards are up-to-date with team jerseys and are all numbered. It features 70 different rookie cards. Look for three different numbering tiers, with 50 players #'d/999, 15 players #'d/399 and just five players #'d/99!

Find parallels in this product to and two per box. There are Blue #/99, Bronze #/79, Red #/49, Gold #/29, Emerald #/19, Purple #/9, and Black 1/1. I pulled an emerald /19 of great Raiders QB Derek Carr.

The team variation also have parallels for the two levels of them.
I think the inserts look pretty sharp with all of the groovy designs they present. This one is probably my favorite of the group, Rivals!

All inserts have the same parallels as the base.

And my one hit has a name that is very familiar to me, Josh Doctson has been following me all year. Clear Cloth are a shadowboxed design that are numbered to 99 with parallels rime #/49, Tag #/4 or #/3, Brand Logo 1/1, NFL Logo 1/1

Other hits not found in my box,
  • CLEAR VISION MEGA JERSEY: The Clear Vision Mega Jersey features an oversized swatch from some of the upcoming players in the game today. 
  • CLEAR CHANGE DUAL JERSEY: These unique cards feature one player with two swatches with one being from a current team, the other from a former team.
  • FRAMED FABRICS: These are game-used jersey swatches from current and retired NFL great. 
  • VISIONARY SIGNATURES: These cards feature a large trapped acetate autograph of some of the greatest NFL players including Peyton Manning, John Elway and Emmitt Smith.
  • CLEAR CHOICE JERSEY AUTOGRAPHS: The Clear Choice Jersey Autograph set features the best of  the 2016 NFL Rookie Class
  • C-THRU SIGNATURES: C-Thru Signatures has trapped acetate autographs of great such as Jerry Rice, Brett Favre, and Barry Sanders.
Overall, I still feel there is just something missing for the price you pay per box. Especially since most hits will be memorabilia card. I do like the acetate and designs throughout the product, but still feel there is a gap between what you pay and what you get. It was the same feeling I had last year.

However, us 90's collectors will like the appeal and feeling of the product and with the checklist of players there is plenty to land from that era.

By the way, make sure you thank Panini America for this review box and check out their site for products like this one and others. Find some of these cards in a future NFL contest!


  1. As a 90's collector, I totally agree about the appeal of this product! I'm a big fan. It's not much for online box/case breakers with the sparse autos, but I think it's a great box for a collector to open. The value here is really with base cards and parallels, and the hits are just a bonus. I would like to see a price point about $10-15 lower per box, though.

  2. I really do like this set, but I agree the price point needs to be lower, or maybe just up the munber of cards per box. I enjoy the base and insert sets here, just need more.


  4. I'm a fan of this product... but definitely not a fan of the price. I'd consider picking up a box if it was $20 to $25/box. Maybe $30... if I was really feeling lucky.