Sunday, September 4, 2016

Yard Sale Finds:$1 A Box

This is no normal trash bag, this has the contents of yet another mother-in-law yard sale find.
I haven't had a chance to fully search the contents within, but I do know there are 5 boxes of baseball cards (mostly in the boxes the packs came in along with one set) and that she only paid $1 each which she was surprised by.

Like I have stated before on here, the hobby is not alive where I am and sometimes you can just find some good bargains.
Hopefully I will be able to dig into this soon and breakdown what I find in here with you guys.

So for now, have you ever found $1 per box bargain at a yard sale before?


  1. Found a 1994 Flair Hot Numbers Frank Thomas at a Goodwill for .10, took it to the next card show and sold it for $20 to a guy who immediately put it out for $40. Probably my best single card buy/flip from a percentage standpoint anyway.

  2. I don't hit up yard sales that much... but I've found my fair share of discounted baseball card boxes at my local flea markets. Not sure if they were a buck though.

  3. I bought (2) 5 row boxes filled with lots of mid 2000s Chrome RCs/Stars etc plus a James Brown record for $20. Bought some dudes NBA/NFL collection for $7 at Flea Market. Loaded with Kobe RCs as well as Garnett Shaq etc