Tuesday, March 7, 2017

REVIEW:2016 Panini Black Gold Football

Black Gold makes another stunning return for the 2016 season. It's a product that looks beautiful from the outside of the box to within. However, it's a high-end one that not everyone can afford.

I have been lucky enough to been able to review a box every year since it's kickoff, like what I did there, and this year is no different. So let's see what the 2016 version is like, shall we?

In every box of 2016 Panini Black Gold football, you will find 10 cards in a two pack setup. Each Box contains Four Autographs or Memorabilia Cards, Two Shadowbox Base Cards, Two Shadowbox Inserts, and Two additional Autographs, Memorabilia, or Metal Cards! Boxes as you would expect run just under $240 per. So you are hoping that every card in this box is valued at least $24 per.

The base card set sticks to it's winning design with all acetate heavy shadowboxes. The base set is has 48 veterans and 33 legends making it 81 cards deep. With only one-per-box and them being limited to 225, it would be a fun challenging set to build.

The base set also has parallels. The bronze border color changes to the parallel color which other than the numbering seperates it from the regular issue. This is a Brock Osweiler White Gold /100. There is also Holo White Gold /50, Holo Gold /25, Reverse Black Gold /10, and Printing Plates 1/1.

Insert time!
Every box is supposed to have two shadowbox inserts. They look as sharp, if not sharper than the base. This is a Franchise Gold which contains three of the best players on the featured Franchise with a mix of current, future and legendary stars. I got a decent one of Mariota and friends. However, I was a bit surprised and disappointed the Giants don't have one.

These also have parallels of White Gold #100, Holo White Gold /50, Holo Gold /25, and Reverse Black Gold #/15.

Gold Rush is a beautiful work of art. The mustard uni's are featured on this card of Rams runner Gurley. This is also a Holo White Gold /50 parallel so the holofoil brings out the card even more. Normally these are numbered to 225 with other parallels of White Gold /100, Holo Gold /25, and Reverse Black Gold /15.

Other insert finds are,

Golden Arms Set Checklist and VS Versus Set Checklist with the same parallels of White Gold #100, Holo White Gold /50, Holo Gold /25, and Reverse Black Gold #/15.
Now time to roll out the hits. The things you are banking on in the product.

Massive Materials is closely designed to a Silhouette but with a Black Gold touch. Looks really nice especially when you pull the top rookie in Elliot. There are 15 cards to collect with parallels and prime pieces of White Gold /99 or less, Prime /25 or less, White Gold Prime /5, and Super Prime 1/1

My next pull is Golden Hands of Colts legend, Marvin Harrison that is a parallel /25. There are 15 cards in this set featuring players of today, tomorrow and yesterday. I really want the Shepard and Beckham! There are parallels of White Gold /99 or less, Prime /49 or less, White Gold Prime /5, and Super Prime 1/1.

Up next, I was a little surprised to find a Barnidge autograph in a $200+ product but it seems like most of the names on the Gilded Signatures checklist are a little under the medium name players. A lot don't have a ton of signatures. These have parallels of White Gold /99 or less, and Black Gold 1/1.

Up next, a beautiful Rookie Autograph of Raiders future star Jalen Richard who could take over at starter next year. I love the gold signature on the black card. This particular set appears to have on-card autos.

Metal cards make a return to the product as well. I got lucky and pulled the Super Bowl runners up Black Gold parallel /6. There is also White Gold /25 and Holo Gold 1/1. This is one of many different metal cards featured in the product. There is also Hall of Fame Symbols this year too.

And finally with a rookie signature checklist with all of the stars like Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott, Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, Derrick Henry, Paxton Lynch, has a few different memorabilia autograph options. This one is Sizeable Signatures which features a nice size swatch along with a gold on card auto in a silhouette layout. I really want the Perkins and Shepard versions!!!

Other hits not found in my box are, Gold Records Autographs, Hall of Fame Symbols, Gold Nuggets, Metallic Marks signature cards feature autographs on both black and gold metal pieces. Grand Debut Autograph jersey sets, Autograph jersey auto, Metallic Marks, Gold Strike auto, and a few others. Plenty of rookie, veteran and legend content.

Overall, top notch looking product with plenty of surprises. This years rookie class is a seller alone and with more added legendary content, this may be the best Black Gold yet. 
My pulls weren't the best, but also not the worst. This is the type of product I recommend for the high-end gamblers but also suggest to those who can't afford it to buy into breaks of it or wait til prices drop on the boxes. I personally can't afford a box so I usually pick up many singles. This year I haven't gotten any yet so if you come across any and are feeling generous....lol.
Thoughts on Black Gold are welcomed in comments!

By the way, make sure you thank Panini America for this review box and check out their site for products like this one and others. Also thank Tracy Hackler and give him a Twitter follow too!Stay tuned for some of these cards in an upcoming Panini America giveaway to celebrate #SCC5year!


  1. I'm a huge fan of this product and I hope Panini keeps it going! This is one of very few products, especially "high end" products, that really distinguishes itself. The black backgrounds with metallic foil and the shadowbox effect make these cards look awesome! The gold and holofoil cards are particularly sharp. I also appreciate the large jersey swatches, on-card autos and veteran and legend content. The Metallic Marks auto set is really distinctive, too! My two minor critiques are: 1. The silver parallels ("white gold") take away from the product's look (unless they're Raiders cards, I guess), and 2. The gold on-card autos tend to be sort of chunky and lacking in detail because of the thickness of the gold paint markers. The gold auto look is great, but a finer pen to write with would help. Overall, though, this has been one of my favorite products to collect and display the last three years!