Sunday, January 6, 2019

Ending The Way It Started

The NY Giants 2018 season finally came to an end the way the season started, a crushing defeat. This one stung a little more than the rest. Having the 7 point lead, watching a miraculous catch at the end then the two point conversion to close it out. That must have been how Patriots fans felt when the Giants made their two catches in the Super Bowl against them. It really stings like sweat in your eyes. Like that spaghetti sauce stain on your favorite throwback 80's shirt. Like salt being ground in a wound. Like that autograph rookie card you were about to get graded and dropped on the floor denting a corner. It hurt and I still am recovering. All I can do now is focus and hope Dallas (typed this before their game vs Seattle), Philly or New England don't win it all. That would just top things off and would be like falling down a flight of stairs type of season end.

Anyways, the NY Giants Sunday posts will come to an end after today. Will NY Giants cards in general be gone from on here? No. Never. They will continue as I get them in. Speaking of getting them in, I recently pulled off another trade with a great fellow Giants fan buddy of mine @Brent3323.

Brent sent along more than I traded for as always and has become one of my favorite people to trade with. He is really easy to trade with and is a great guy just to talk to. Let's see what he sent my way this time,

Kyle Lauletta Prizm rookies. I still need the Saquon and pretty sure I will get one this time in another trade.

Davis Webb relic from Certified. Wonder if he will ever get another shot in the NFL or stay as a backup with the Jets.

Hakeem Nicks was one of my favorite Giants WR's. He was underrated in the league for what he could do. Good hands that's for sure.I will always remember his Hail Mary TD against the Packers in the playoffs. Wayne Gallman relic as well. He put on some strong runs towards the end of the year, I expect him to be back to backup Saquon.

Quad relic with Kenneth Dixon (playing pretty well), Devonte Booker, Tyler Ervin, and Paul Perkins. Not sure whatever happened to him.

Another Perkins relic.

I was so happy that Toomer was able to get a ring before he stepped away from the game. He was tough WR who stepped up big when the Giants needed him.

Adrien Robinson didn't get too far with his Giants career, but that doesn't matter to me. Once a Giant, always a Giant.

A couple new additions to my Rueben Randle PC. I wished this guy could have been given another opportunity. He showed flashes at points with the Giants when other guys were hurt.

Holy Smokes! Odell Beckham Phoenix parallel /10!! This was quite a surprise!

I didn't notice this til I started typing this, but, what a difference in signatures for Kyle A halfway decent one with Elite and then he puts two letters for Phoenix. Wished he had kept that other. I also stil am hopeful he is the Giants guy down the road and that they don't waste the 6th overall pick on a QB when the glaring weakness is the defense. Bring Eli back one last year, have him train Lauletta and draft lots of defense and pick up some free agents. I think this team can make a run next year.

This is only part of my mail day from Brent as the rest I will post tomorrow. It's non Giants so wanted to post on a different day to keep my theme for today's post. But, I think you should come back to check out one of the cards at least.

Well, Giants, thanks for a roller coaster of a year and at least two more wins than last year, but I see a bright future ahead. Let's fill in the missing pieces and go get it in 2019!


  1. Great blog! Very glad you like the cards my friend. Go Giants next year! #GiantsPride

  2. I'll be joining you in actively rooting against the Cowboys. I'd be okay with anyone else winning it... except them.

  3. Just wait until we make our trade