Sunday, May 19, 2019

Cratty Takes Me Back

@CrattyPatty25 and myself have been sending each other mailings over the past couple of years. It started out as trades, but have turned more into surprise arrivals now. Which is a whole lot more fun. Save the trades for the bigger valued cards.

He contacted me recently with a card lot he had bought on Twitter containing some 90's cards and wanted to see if I was interested in any of them knowing that 90's is what it's all about to me right now.

Shortly after, a bubbler arrived with the cards I chose along with a few surprises. Let's check it out,

Great mixture here. Barry Sanders and Fred Taylor (still looking for a Taylor auto for my PC). Brian Urlacher rookie card which you can never go wrong with. Steve Young with the Hot Numbers and an amazing in person card of Gale Sayers at the bottom. It's very shiny despite the dull appear here.

Some Jerry Rice additions. And no, I won't be peeling the the peeling off from the certified. That's a big no-no to me.

 Numbered Terrell Owens. I wasn't ever a fan, but I do like the older numbered cards.

 Randy Moss who is second best WR I have ever seen play. Jerry Rice will always be the GOAT.

Dan Marino with two inserts and a Topps Chrome base help. Not to mention a Hot Numbers. Will this be added to my 1995 set chase....

Here are just a few of the NY Giants base and inserts he passed along as well. I didn't want to fill this whole post a blog long. He packs a ton in a small package.

 Shiny Paul Perkins relic. There seemed to have been a Perkins theme here.

Great looking on card autograph of Perkins here with Flawless. It may be the first Flawless card in my collection. I still would like to chase down a piece of jewel card of a NY Giant.

And to finish it up, a /25 Gold autograph of Paul Perkins. Beautiful card!

Seems my Paul Perkins collection recently has been having a nice facelift recently. Which may not be a bad thing as he is on the Giants roster and possibly rumored to be Saquon's backup.

A big thanks to Cratty for thinking of me again. I have some more soccer cards set aside for your nephew if he is interested and a few small things for you as well. Thanks again!

With a mail day like this, I have a lot of work to put in here with writing down updated NY Giants numbers and sorting out the rest of the players. I try to do it immediately so I won't have all of the work to do at once.

Is this how you guys sort as well? Do it when you get it in or do you wait til it's stacked?


  1. That was a pretty good selection of 90's that you were sent! I love that Vintage Best set, I think I only have Frank Gifford, but I'm always on the lookout for more. I'm anti-peeling as well, but I sure wish a lot of these cards hadn't had a peel in the first place, it seems like the bulk of the cards that had them would look a lot better without.

    1. We should start a group of non peelers! We can't be alone but I have seen many that do peel and it irks me

  2. I remember pulling Primary Colors inserts out of Elite. Loved the shininess!

    1. They look a ton better than they do today. Panini doesn't make them look anywhere near this

  3. I wanted to peel that Jerry so bad lol. I held off cause I knew it was going to a better home. Glad ya liked everything. I think from the 90s lot that Sayers is by far my favorite. Great looking card in person. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great looking inserts and hits!

  5. Plenty of sweet cards. Fun stuff.