Monday, May 13, 2019

Pieces Of My Future #11:Cards From NJ

I am a bit behind on mail days since I changed the format on here. I am trying to think of other ways to stay more caught up on those as I go along and maybe pulling them for tweets again instead. I hate making people wait to get a thank you as some are weeks and maybe a month away. As of now, I have a rough handful ready to go on here so when those run out I will decide what to do going forward.

@DJSeneseiNJ and myself used to pull off mega trades, but recently we have done a much more fun version with our mystery trades. Sometimes the pressure of doing mega trades can get to you and drag things out if both sides don't feel they are getting an even return. I think these smaller type mystery trades are a whole lot more fun as you never know what you are getting in return and the worry of value isn't there. If you feel you sent less than you should of when you open your end, send more the next time. There's no stress, no concern and just fun when doing these.

I recently got my latest mystery mail day from @DJSeneseiNJ and it was so much fun as the past two.

Let's check it out!

David Wilson autograph Silhouette. This is my third one of these and I don't care. Love these!

A new Yankees auto for the PC

Some guy named Mickey Mantle.

Red Thunder proving himself in NY so far this season.

Anthony Banda autograph. Appears to be TTM?

Eli Apple autograph. He looked terrible with the Giants but played decent with the Saints.

A new Gallman autograph. I am starting a nice stack of autographs of his now.

My first Tyler Wade relic card.

Another David Wilson card.

Here's hoping Tomlinson gets something going for that Giants pass rush, they are gonna need it!

I still believe in ya Eli!

Davis Webb auto. Great looking card.

Simms....Simms...seems like I should recognize that name in NY..

Saquon!! Still always looking for Barkley cards in trades!

One of the Super Bowl heroes for the Giants. I still don't know how he made that catch in Super Bowl 46 and kept his feet in bounds as well.

Davis Webb relic

Cody Latimer autograph patch card. Beautiful! This guy really needs to step up this year as he may need to be the player that takes over for Odell.

Two more Gleyber cards. Slowly building up into the top ranks of my Yankees PC

Two Odells /20. I think we all know how I feel about him by now

And finally, holograms, 90's and cards all are for me. Send em my way!

Thanks goes out to @DJSeneseiNJ for another fun mail day. I need to start saving a new pile for next time. I have sent you everything I have so far but hopefully by mid summer we can do this again!


  1. Crown Silhouette rookie cards are beautiful!

  2. Sounds like you're starting to hoard those David Wilson silhouette's, I'm on to your game though, trying to control the market and sell when the demand becomes greater than the supply... for shame :)