Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Breakin' Wax:1995 Stadium Club Football Series 1 Box Break

Last year, my buddy Shane over at Project Pedro blog and myself pulled off our yearly end of the year wax trade where I trade him cards and he trades me some cheaper football card boxes.

My original intent with these boxes was to post them on an all 90's blog I created at Cards To Talk (now if Coffee Over Cards) About. However, with content getting very low on here, I had to sacrifice their box breaks there and move them to here since this blog takes priority over any blogs I create. But, don't worry those of you who followed that other blog, it's not the end of it. I have plans down the road for more 90's content there once we have moved past this Covid-19 situation.

In the meantime, you can continue to enjoy new content here such as today's box break of 1995 Stadium Club football Series 1.

Back in 1995 I opened a lot of this stuff. I loved the design, photography, subsets and especially inserts. I hadn't ever though broke a box of it til now and it was everything I had hoped for.

Let's check it out here,
In every hobby box of 1995 Stadium Club Series 1 football, there are 13 cards per pack an chances at some pretty slick inserts.

The base set is 450 cards deep in Series 1 and 2. The design is basic,clean and full of fun photography like you would expect from Stadium Club.

Here are a few of my favorites from the base set for Series 1,

Packs also had subsets to chase such as Extreme Corps with it's foil wording

and of course, Draft Pix. You can't have a product without rookie cards. I think those of us who collected in 1995 will always remember the name Ki-Jana Carter.

I pulled three inserts in my box. All three fell 1:24 packs.
This Metalists, chasing the set by the way, is laser-cut next to the featured player.

And well be darned, I pulled two Nightmares of the same player. Sigh. These are etched foil awesomeness regardless.

And that doesn't for this break. A couple cool inserts, some unique base cards and a really fun trip back down memory lane. I hope to bust another one of these sometime just for the fun of it.


  1. I could use one of those Bettis Nightmare cards if it's available for trade. This box post has actually inspired me to write a post today. Check back in a few hours.

  2. I got a batch of these from somewhere and am still finishing the set. Probably need some of your extras.
    And I guess that means you won't need the stack of '95SC I had for you. Still have the 2015 Score stuff though.

    1. yes I still do need those. This is an old box break that led to those needs lol. Please keep those aside!

    2. Ah, OK cool. Was gonna go ahead and pack these up then! Will email for your address

  3. Pulling two Buses isn't too bad of a nightmare.

  4. I would've thought that a box like this would've yielded more inserts, but it's been awhile since I opened up anything from this era, so I'm probably just misremembering what should and shouldn't be in one of these boxes.

    1. Some products were one per pack, and others were much more challenging like this one.