Friday, July 11, 2014

Retail Break 'Em: Baseball Trading Card Box Break Memorabilia Edition (10 pcks, 2 Jersey Cards)

In this edition of Retail Break 'Em, I am breaking a baseball card box thanks to AuthenticSportsCards
(won a contest and this was the prize), that contains 10 assorted packs from different years. It also includes two over-sized stand-up baseball card displays with a swatch of jersey.

The outside of the box:

The ten packs within:

Best of the best base cards:

Rookie Cards, best one of Ian Kennedy:


More inserts including a numbered gold parallel of Miguel Cairo:

Jersey Card #1 great HOFer.....

Second Jersey Card...HOFer soon! Boom! Derek Jeter!!!!
Overall, this was really fun to open. The packs I thought were of a great variety including years from 1989 all the way to 2009 so it covers 20 years. The two jersey cards were of top notch players, though you do have to question the authentic part of these, but they are a pretty cool piece and being a Yankees fan I really was stoked to found the Jeter.

Thanks again to AuthenticSportsCards for the contest and prize. If you are not following them yet on Twitter, please do so! They do contests and hobby discussions.

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