Monday, July 7, 2014

Sport Card Bloggers Unite!

This post is directed towards anyone who has a sports card blog.

First thing, I will direct is towards those of you on my Blogs I Read List, I just wanted to let you guys know that I DO read your blogs and will check in on a every-other-day or sometimes daily basis. I may also comment on something that catches my attention. I hope you are doing the same to this one as well.

Second thing, if I do not have you on my Blogs I Read List, please let me know. I will add you and read yours as well. I really enjoy seeing other collections and opinions on the hobby. Please comment below with your link.

Third thing, if I am not on your Blogs I Read List, please add me and my other blogs. I also run That 90's Sport Card Blog which is a fun blog for those who collected in the 90's and rumor has it I am adding a third one solely dedicated to my collecting. The way I see blogging is that it's not a competition, its about unity through collecting. Let's help each other out!

Thanks for taking a moment out to read this and comments and thoughts are always appreciated!

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