Friday, July 4, 2014

Mission Impossible: Johnny Manziel

"Good afternoon, my mission is to find a Johnny Manziel rookie card  in a pack of cards that I open. This is my mission and I choose to accept it. If I don't pull one soon, my wallet may self-destruct in 5....4.....3....2....."

Johnny Manziel, the controversial Cleveland Browns rookie QB, seems to be disappearing from packs. At least ones I have been opening. In 2014 so far, I have opened up 45 packs of 2014 Score football, no Manziels. No base rookies. No inserts. I have also opened up 3 rack packs and 1 blaster box of Upper Manziels. What's up with this?!  With the number of packs above I have opened finding no Manziel has been a bit frustrating (especially knowing that every Score pack has three rookies per pack and every Upper Deck one is loaded with all rookies) but I must also admit it has been a little fun waiting for that moment when I actually do find him. However, sometimes I think this may even be a mission that not even the great Tom Cruise could complete. I do think this would make a great movie sequel for him, I can see it now, Mission Impossible 6: Manziel.

If you are wondering why I am on a rampage looking for him, first, I will say I am not at all a fan of the guy. I think he is really overrated and feel he will not make it too far in the NFL especially acting the way he already has and honestly, playing for the Browns. But, in the hobby, he is the hottest thing out there and I would like to have at least a base rookie card of him. That's all I ask for!! I definitely wouldn't invest in him (hopefully my gut feeling is right), but being a rookie card collector, I like to at least have one card of each player. That's why I am on this torrid search and mission. Yes, I know I could just go on eBay and spend $5 on one, but where's the fun in that? Not to mention, that would be cheating my mission.

So to sum this all up, my search for a pack-pulled Manziel rookie card will continue on. I will keep updating you on this mission. I am also though curious if I am on this mission alone or if there are others with me. Or is it literally my mission? One I must complete by myself. One I hope to complete soon because I would really hate to see my wallet self destruct.

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