Thursday, July 17, 2014

That 90's Mail Day: Another 1996 Spx Football BIGGIE!!!!

Well, in this edition of That 90's Mail Day I brought home another beauty! This time its a HUGE ADD to my 1996 Spx  football collection. Awhile back I had made a trade with Jonathan Hoffman in which I acquired my first round of cards to be apart of my 1996 Spx football family. Since then I have made additions to it myself. But, I didn't quite have enough money to pull of the other "biggie" in the product. That's when I thought, why not trade for it and who better to trade with than my buddy Jonathan.

So I contacted Jonathan about making this kind of move and he was excited to. So not only would he add more cards to his Frank Thomas PC and his Pittsburgh Pirates PC, but I would add the one card I wanted. We both would be extremely happy. So we found away and pulled off the deal and here is the new member of my 1996 Spx family...A STINKIN BEAUTIFUL 1996 Spx Upper Deck Dan Marino Record Breaker AUTOGRAPH!!!
With this Marino autograph now added, I have gotten all that I wanted from this product completing the base set, getting both the Montana and Marino inserts, then finishing it up with the Montana and Marino autographs! If I wanted to go a little further, I would need to add the gold parallel set and the Holofame insert set. Time can only tell if I will go that far.

As always, thoughts on my chase for Spx 1996 football greatness is appreciated and thoughts on today's mail day is great as well!

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