Friday, July 25, 2014

Unannounced Veteran Base Card Variations In Score Football 2014?

Last night while putting away my NY Giants cards into their assigned binder, I noticed something that struck me odd. Three different Victor Cruz base cards from 2014 Score. I knew there was two with his regular base and the Top 100, but what was this third one? Upon further inspecting, I found out that the base card #144, had two different variations.

I was excited, yet, worried at the same time. I was excited to have one, while worrying at the same time if I had more than one of these unannounced variations? I bought a ton of Score and have already sorted them tossing my doubles into a double pile and giving some away as well. OH MAN!

So I did what any collector with questions would, I headed to social media to find answers and I knew the guy that would most likely would be able to answer them is Mr. Tracy Hackler.

I asked him the tough question about these unannounced Score 2014 veteran base card variations and if I had missed info on these. I also asked if there was any info coming out if none had been released yet.

Here was his response:

"You didn't miss it. I just found out about them today! I know there's 10 vet variations. More info to come."

So for now, I am digging my doubles out of my double pile to keep til this info gets released because there could be hidden treasures within. Will keep you guys updated if I find anymore variations.

UPDATED: Here is a link to Cardboard Connection with pics to some of these variations

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