Friday, July 11, 2014

90's Rip Party: 1995 Classic Pro Line Football Series 2

In this edition of 90's Rip Party, I wanted to go in a different direction. I wanted to do a product that included phone cards. You're like what? Yup, phone cards. Back in 1995, many found sport player prepaid phone cards to be great collectibles so Proline jumped on that and included them one-per-pack with different $ amounts into their 1995 Series 2 football product. Some were extrememly hard to pull including a $1,000 one. I managed to pull a decent one from this box and there is only one way to see which on!

In a box of 1995 Classic Pro Line Football Series 2, you get a serial numbered box to 47,920 and 18 packs with 6 cards per-pack.

The base cards were as clean cut as you can ask for with wide open action shots:

Same goes with the rookies:

The inserts were nice as well. This is a Printers Proof parallel I pulled that fell 1:18 packs or one-per-box:

These are pretty sweet looking in person and this picture doesn't do it justice. Classic NFL Images Preview cards fell 1:18 or one-per-box as well. The card used one of my favorite technologies of dufex.

Here are the one-per-pack phone cards:

More of the tougher ones to pull. $2 is 1:6, $5 is 1:18

and $20 is 1:144

This Printer's Proof Phone Card parallel is 1:75 packs:

The Field General inserts are printed on acetate and fell at a tough 1:60
Overall, some BOOM was in this break! A few tough pulls made this for a fun break. I looked forward to opening every pack to see what surprise was next. Not to mention, I got this box less than $10 so it was quite a bargain for the boom.

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