Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The New Blog

Recently I have hinted of a third blog I have been working on but have released very few details on. Well, today is the day you will finally get not only the details, but to start visiting it! Read on!

First thought I bet you have is, why do another blog to go along with this one and That 90's Sport Card Blog. Well, here is why:
  1. I wanted to make a blog more personable. This blog has seemed to turn to more universal, meaning it's not showcasing my stuff as much and is showcasing stuff in general, which is fine and works, but not my original plan for it. However, with the new blog I can do PC posts and discuss my collection.
  2. This blog has also turned to be a big time contest blog. Every week there is a new contest and there is more to come with the possible return of Player Of The Day for 2014, the end of the BCW/Jammin contest, the Pack Gambler's monthly contest, and someone else (info on that to come) who is now offering to start doing contests on here in August. I felt like my posts were being pushed aside and lost for contest ones, so I wanted to separate the two. Not that I don't love giving stuff away, but that wasn't my main focus on blogging
  3. With That 90's Sport Card blog still struggling and my lack of purchasing newer products, I wanted to turn to another outlet for sport cards and showing what I already have.
Now that I have discussed why, I must also note with this new blog on hand there will be changes to my other two blogs. Here is a small list of those changes:
  1. Retail Break 'Em, Hobby Break 'Em will be moved to the new blog. Reviews, will stay on here
  2. PC mail days or anything I get off eBay will move to the new blog. But contests I win mail days will stay on here
  3. All opinion stories will be featured on the new blog
  4. That 90's Sport Card Blog will not be putting out as many posts. Maybe a few a week due to the lack of views. More of my focus will be on this new blog.
  5. Sport Card Collectors will still run the way it always has minus the few new changes. So don't worry, SCC will still be what it is!
To sum this all up, I hope you all are as excited as I am with the addition of this new blog to the family. I look forward to showing you more of my PC collection, opinions and more on there. I also hope you treat that blog as well as this one. I really hope that!!!!!

So without further ado, here is the new blog called...THE CARD BIN (name subject to change). Check it out and let me know what you think! I have put a lot of work into it in terms of design, layout and themes. There is only one post up to this point but look for more to come!

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