Thursday, July 3, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

Yesterday I went to pick up the mail expecting a few packages to come in, only one arrived but it was a pretty cool one and not something you come across everyday, a signed card by the photographer! I recently saw a tweet by Mel V, @NFLCardChick, on Twitter who is a photographer and her pictures are featured in many places including on cards for Upper Deck and Press Pass. She tweeted that she had 10 copies of one of her photo-shot cards and would sign them for the first 10 that wanted them. I thought this would make a great PC piece as it's not everyday you find a photographer of card and especially one willing to sign them. So I contacted her and was lucky enough to land this cool piece:

A big thanks goes out to Mel for allowing me to add this cool piece to my collection. If you haven't followed her yet, please do. 

As always, thoughts on my mail days are welcomed.

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