Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sport Card Collectors Fan PC's

Over a year ago, I was taking submissions to showcase fan PC's on the blog (I had to quit doing so because there were no submissions coming in after 2 of them) so you guys can showcase your goods. Because honestly, who doesn't love to share what they have. Not to mention, it's not that easy to get into Beckett anymore with all of the steps you have to take to be able to have a shot. I, on the other hand, just want to see what you are willing to share. I don't need a huge breakdown, I don't need you to have a HUGE collection to make it, I just want you to submit what you want to.

So here is my easy steps on to how to be featured on Sport Card Collectors blog under the NEW Fan PC Segment:
  1. A few pics of your PC
  2. A small paragraph on why you collect this PC
  3. Roughly how many cards you have in this PC
  4. Your name or a name. It's up to you. Whether you want to use or real name or a Twitter name. Up to you
  5. Email these submissions to with the subject line of Fan PC so I can sort you from the spam.
Your entry should look like this:
In the subject like put FAN PC so I can separate you from spam.
(pictures sent as attachments)
I collect this because....
Jake Allen

I will be posting these once a week unless I get a huge overflow of submissions.

As always, I am trying to find ways to get you guys involved on Sport Card Collectors because like I have always said, #OneHobby.

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