Tuesday, July 15, 2014

That 90's Mail Day: 1996 Spx Upper Deck Record Breaker Dan Marino

In this edition of That 90's Mail Day, I brought home another beauty! This time it adds to my 1996 Spx  football collection.

In past blog posts, I wrote about completing the 1996 Spx Football set, then picking up the terrific Joe Montana autograph. Now I was needing to add the Joe Montana and Dan Marino inserts then somehow pull off the Dan Marino autograph from this set as well to try and own it all. Technically, to own it all, I would need the entire gold set and HoloFame inserts as well, but I just want to get the above cards for my collection for now.

So, for now, I was able to add one of my needed cards...welcome to the family 1996 Spx Dan Marino Record Breaker insert!
This card not only looks more impressive in person, but was also picked up at a reasonable price.

As always let me know your thoughts on this mail day and my chase to complete the 1996 Spx Football card collection.

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