Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sorry Mr. Tanaka

Dear Masahiro Tanaka,
I am sorry for what I said in the off-season. I am sorry for doubting you. What I thought was the boldest, worst and riskiest move of the off-season for my team (not that I didn't think that all of the Yankees moves were this past off-season) has actually paid off for them, BIG TIME. All of that money I thought the Yankees were wasting on you, a "so-called" dominant pitcher who had only pitched overseas in the Japanese league and never in the MLB, has actually been there best investment. I am also sorry for saying I wouldn't pay for any of your cards and I wouldn't want to invest in them for my Yankees PC. You have not only proven me wrong, but others who may have had the same doubts as well.

This is why he has proven me and maybe others wrong, up until his injury, which he is supposedly out until mid-to late August (good luck Yankees trying to make the playoffs now), he has gone12-4 with a 2.51 era in 129.1 innings pitched. Not to mention, a whopping 135 strikeouts and without the injury most likely the AL All-Star starter. So far this season not only has he been dominant, but has carried the Yankees all by himself and has been BY FAR their team MVP in a season focused on The Captain. If this isn't proving me wrong, than what is?

I cannot express my apologies enough to Mr. Tanaka. Can't believe I didn't buy into the hype and believe in him. So to show him how much I am sorry and my change of heart, not only am I writing the apology on my blog, but I will also show the cards I have recently acquired of him for my Yankees PC.

This one is numbered to 2014:
I hope this heartfelt apology and card showcase is enough. I believe in you now and can't wait til you come back from your injury. Let's go Yankees!
Sincerely your newest fan,
The Card Bin

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