Sunday, October 12, 2014

Break And Review Of Collector Crate Football Gold Level Box

It didn't take long for word to spread on the hobby's next big thing and it didn't take me long to look into it. This new and brilliant idea is called CollectorCrate. CollectorCrate is a subscription service offering a surprise mystery box of sports cards delivered to your door every month. There are currently three levels and three sports (NFL,MLB, NBA) to buy from and here they are:

Bronze: $29.99
10 Random Packs (Low-Mid End)
1 Random Game Used Card
1 Random Autographed Card
​​Bonus Items

Silver: $69.99
10 Random Packs (Mid End)
2 Random Game Used Cards
2 Random Autographed Cards
​​Bonus Items
Gold: $99.99
10 Random Packs (Mid-High End)
3 Random Game Used Cards
3 Random Autographed Cards
​​Bonus Items

I think this is a really neat concept so I really wanted to see what the next big thing is all about.

So today, I am breaking a Silver level football CollectorCrate. Tomorrow I will be doing a Gold. I will admit right off that it was really fun to open to see what was inside.

 Gold sticker found on the side marking it as a gold level

When you open the box...

The card packs. These are just as important and as much fun as the bubble wrap. Man, do I love that stuff!

Besides the card packs and hits you get in a box, you also get some bonus items.

The hobby packs at the Gold Level still with great products and great variety of years. Some of these are much more on the higher end compared to the silver level. This one even includes a pack of Totally Certified that has a guaranteed hit inside. These packs alone run around $12.

Here are the envelopes with the random hits inside. Since this is a gold level, there is three autos, three jersey cards.

Here are the hits from inside of those envelopes. The one thing that caught my attention right off was the players. They were stepped up a little from the silver level which is what you would expect with players like Mike Vick, Randy Moss and Champ Bailey.

The Autographs from their envelope. Hillman and Crick autos.

And what I considered the biggie of the autos, Kniles Davis. This guy has looked impressive this season. I also really like the card as well.

Now onto the pack hits! This to me means, inserts, rookies and actual hits.

Tyler Wilson Phenoms Gold parallel numbered to 25.

Pack pulled hits!!


As you would expect, CollectorCrate stepped up the game with the next level. They added an extra autograph and jersey card with better players, higher end hobby packs, and a McFarlane Playmakers instead of Small Pro. I still think these CollectorCrates are worth the chance. But, if I were you and you are just feeling these out, try the bronze level first. You can't go wrong with $29.99 on that one. Then work your way up from there if you like what you see, which I am pretty sure you will and expect you to be getting one of these golds as well. I think CollectorCrates can only get bigger and better.

In conclusion, I recommend trying out CollectorCrate. You can check out their website and more about them right HERE . You can also find them on TWITTER and on FACEBOOK where they are giving away a CollectorCrate a month! A big thanks goes out to them for allowing me to review their tremendous idea and I look forward to maybe doing more with them in the future!

********** HEADS UP********** 
It seems as if Collector Crate no longer exists. Please hesitate at this moment from ordering from them even though their site seems live. They are not responding to customers via email, Twitter, Facebook and by phone. I will keep this post up so you can see what they were once about. If any further details come to light, I will update this post again with new information. As always, I try to keep you informed on what is going on in the hobby.

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  1. Collector Crate has stopped responding to emails, phone calls, and their customers. Take this post down!