Sunday, November 8, 2015

REVIEW: 2015 Panini Gridiron Kings

In order for me to review Panini's newest product on the market, I asked for some backup. I had my wife bust the box with me, yeah he's cool like that, and she helped me out on the review leaving her thoughts for me to put down on here.

2015 Panini Gridrion Kings follows suit of the baseball version Diamond Kings.This is the first time since 2003 that Gridiron Kings comes out as a standalone product. It's a colorful and artistic array of NFL cards against a canvas backdrop. Every card appears as a nice piece of artwork!

In every box you will find one autograph and one memorabilia card. Each box will run you around or a little under $65.

As I stated above, the overall product is artistic. Normally, I am not a fan of cards done that way unless they are strictly inserts, but Panini did a great job with it. My wife was also both blown away and drawn in by the color schemes and design. Another thing to note here about the base cards is that there are also RARE Collegiate variations to find. I didn't see one in my box.

Base card back: 

The rookies all come framed adding an extra attraction to the already well rounded artistic design. I would have actually like to had seen all base been done this way.
Speaking of framed, you will get quite a few in a box. My wife fell in love with them and every time she pulled one, sometimes two, in a pack, there called for a celebration! Here is a small breakdown of that and the inserts you should find in a box: one Blue Frame base card, three Red Frame Rookie Cards, one Blue Frame Rookie Card, one Red Frame Limited Lithos, two All-Time Stat Kings, one Red Frame All-Time Stat Kings and five additional inserts or parallels.

Hands down, this Odell Beckham Jr. was my favorite base and framed parallel. Imagine if they had done, "the catch" that way......WOWZAHS!

Deion. I know some like him better in his ATL uni, but I like the SF one. Even though I think he was best known in Dallas.

All-Time stat kings with red and blue border parallels.

The other inserts. My phone acting up again with the sideways pics....

Not too shabby as the art theme is found all throughout.
This is a pretty cool insert. The concept and design.

Art Noveau which highlights memorabilia worn by the 2015 NFL Draft Class. It looks similar to Inception, but I like it more. My wife agreed that these looked nice.

The autographs are really cool in this product. Some come framed, some not. Either with or without the sticker auto, things look sharp.
Overall, not too bad. My box wasn't the sharpest, but with a nice design, price point and some big hits hiding within, it's much worth the risk. My wife would agree. She was a huge fan of the product and after I told her the price-point she felt it was worth it. As some of you know, it's best not to argue or be against the Mrs :-D

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