Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Breakin Wax:Psych Seasons 1-4 Hobby Box (Extra Hit 1:96)

If you didn't know by now, I am a huge Psych fan. Since the show ended in a shortened eighth season, I haven't really done much with Psych. I haven't bought the last couple of seasons I still need, I haven't re-watched any of them or purchased any of the cards. That all changed when I stumbled upon the amazing prices that dacardworld had going on for Psych boxes. I picked up a Seasons 1-4 and a Seasons 5-8 box.

I think I did fairly well with the cost.

Time to see if you agree.

Inserts from my box. Psych Undercover that shows their best Undercover garments, Psychic moments capturing Shawn's biggest "psychic" reveals and

Henry's Wisdom. If you watched the show you know that Shawn's father always had his input.

Now onto the hits! First up, a piece of Henry's shirt. Or as some may call him, Corbin Bernsen. Pretty cool pattern.

Speaking of pretty cool patterns...a bonus hit! A dual wardrobe that falls 1:96 packs!!!

And my autograph from the box, Rachael Leigh Cook. Just plain beautiful all around. Design, picture, on-card and the autograph. Cryptozoic captured quite a few big namers in the autograph checklist for the product. Cook's is one of the tougher ones to find as you can't find one under $80 on eBay.
Oh yeah, I mentioned a good price. I got this box for $27.95! And it has 24 packs with 5 cards per pack meaning on top of the above pulls, I also got a base set. Solid all around! Did I also mention that it was supposed to come with two hits?

This was one of my better purchases in awhile. I can't complain. Tomorrow's Season 5-8 isn't quite as exciting, but still one great bargain. Stay tuned for that.

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