Friday, November 27, 2015

My 2014 Black Friday Steal!

Last year on Twitter, someone sent me a link to Amazon letting me know that there was something on there I would really want. Normally I don't check out links like that, but knowing who sent it, I was fine looking and glad that I did.

Normally I am not a big memorabilia person as I prefer everything in card form, but looking at it and knowing the $20 price tag, I left a quick subtle hint to my wife and in ten minutes it was mine. Grabbed it just in time to as only two were remaining at that point.

Super Bowl 46 Autograph mini helmet of Ahmad Bradshaw.
If you don't recall, he was the winning TD in that game. Technically he should had stopped before the goal line lining the Giants up for a last second game winning FG but fell in by mistake. Which I didn't mind, but the Giants barely held on after Tom Brady's Hail Mary attempt at the end. But, they still won and I still cheer on Ahmad because of his big role in the win.

This was by far the best Black Friday pick up for me in terms of my collection. Not sure if I will look again this year or not.

What's the best steal you have gotten on Black Friday for your collection whether it's cards or memorabilia?

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  1. Hope You Did Not Throw a Fit too Your Wife. LOL haha.. Myself No Big Deals For Me..