Monday, November 16, 2015

2 Rack Packs For $1...SAY WHAT?!?!

Yup, you read it right. I paid $1 for these two rack packs. How? Well, every year on my anniversary, Olympia Sports sends me a $10 use-as-you-wish gift card. Usually, I use this card to buy cards and spend as little as I can in real cash. 

This year I was able to pick up two rack packs for roughly $11. So you take $11-$10 they gave me and I spent $1. Good deal!

Now onto the rack packs. I got a 2014 Topps football and a 2015 Topps baseball.

First up, the football. I didn't get much in my opinion. Inserts weren't great....

 and rookies weren't much better except for these two. Other than that, pretty lame break.

The 2015 Topps baseball provided me with a little more. It was by far the more valuable pack between the two.
First insert I pulled.....

A foil insert, numbered gold card and a Mo Rivera. Nice!

And some great rookies including a Rusney and a Pederson, both of which I didn't have much of. 

Not a lot of big time pulls here, but for a $1, you can't really complain. 

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