Friday, November 6, 2015

REVIEW:2015 Panini Prizm Collegiate Draft Picks

Panini's second CLC release comes in the form of another Panini favorite of mine, Prizm. This is my second break and review of it. I don't mind breaking this twice that's for sure!

How did this round of Draft Picks stack up against my first break, well, you know what to do....READ ON! 

In every box of 2015 Prizm Draft Picks football, you will find 12 packs per box with 5 cards per pack. You will also find two autographs, 24 Draft Picks, four Prizms, one Stained Glass insert and three additional inserts.A nice layout without being overdone as finding the Prizm parallels and inserts may help drive up their values a bit. Box prices are nice running mostly around $40 a box.

The design is simple. Chromed cards with a player in the forefront all done in their college uni's. There are 250 cards in the base set with 100 of those being veterans.....

and 150 of them being rookies/draft picks such as this Gurley. He was actually the top find in my box with only a couple rookies per pack and 24/150 per box. 

My box was pretty good in terms of getting Prizm parallels. I got 6 total. You can look for the following lineup of Prizms:
  • Prizms
  • Red Power Prizms
  • Camo Prizms #/199
  • Purple Flash Prizms #/99
  • Blue Prizms #/75
  • Tie-Dyed Prizms #/49
  • Red, White and Blue Mojo Prizms #/25
  • Gold Prizms #/10
  • Green Prizms #/5
  • Orange Prizms #/5
  • Black Finite Prizms 1/1
 I found 5 regular Prizms and one Camo in my box. One of my regular Prizms is posted below with the other inserts.

Sorry about this picture being sideways, my camera phone wasn't cooperating. 

The other inserts just look cool! They are well designed and the Prizm shine makes them look even more outstanding. However, I would have liked to have seen these as regular cards first and have a Prizm parallel to. Not just straight up Prizms for all. Of course that may be the 90's collector in me coming out as well. My favorite design of them all was the Stained Glass insert. These are stunning and even more so in person. 

Once again, my phone wanted it like this... 

Seems the autographed cards in Prizm are Prizms. Once again, my box was weak with my autographs but this break was a tad better with the Dorsett find.

This is the first I have seen of Dorsett's autograph up close. I really like his signature.
My box was weak, but with some very tough parallel pulls to be had and a nice price point, I can't see why you wouldn't bust one of these just for fun. You never know what rare parallel or what autograph could be within.

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  1. I like these cards. If I found a box for $40 i'd jump but they seemed high at my last show.