Saturday, November 21, 2015

SCC Segment Poll Results

I did a similar poll to this one back at the end of June to see which of my segments is most popular.With some newer ones in place, I decided a second poll was in need to see if opinions on some had changed and found out that they had.

The first time the results were pretty even across the board, this time they are much different with a few surprises to me as I see the views on my end.

Let's take a look at this round and see how the segments fared. Then you will get my thoughts on it.

Hobby Topic
  7 (20%)
Caption This!
  0 (0%)
What's In The Box?
  12 (35%)
This vs That
  3 (8%)
  7 (20%)
Breakin Wax (different than reviews)
  8 (23%)
90's Flashback
  9 (26%)
Reminiscing 90's
  5 (14%)
Opinion Stories
  2 (5%)
Mail Days
  11 (32%)
I Miss The Hobby
  6 (17%)
Throwback CardsDay
  2 (5%) 

What's In The Box finishing at the top spot wasn't much of a surprise. It was my highest viewed series. The sad part is I had to end it as I showed off all of the contents. Mail days coming in second was a bit of a surprise. My mail days are more top eight than second. The more highly viewed Hobby Topic finished in the middle of the pack and third best viewed Caption This! never got a vote. I guess people don't enjoy captioning the cards as much as I do.

Another top 5 in views on my blog is This vs That which nailed only three votes. Breakin Wax and my Reviews always score high but I was a bit surprised my opinion stories failed to only get two votes. Guess a lot of you don't agree with my thoughts lol.

Newcomer Reminiscing 90's did well, but 90's Flashback did even better despite being on the lower end of being viewed. Weird how things worked out.

Let me know your thoughts on these and which one is your favorite!


  1. It's time to start a new box. I've actually started tossing random crap into a box b/c of your posts. Maybe in five years, I'll have enough stuff to blog about.

  2. I actually have a new one. There isn't cards but other fun stuff I may post about