Monday, November 30, 2015

Odell Beckham Autograph....AGAIN??!!?!? SAY WHAT?!

That's right, three days in a row I am posting about an Odell Beckham autograph. I went from zero to three in three days. Today's is brought to you by a Panini Redemption replacement.

Earlier this summer I pulled a 2014-2015 Panini Preferred Silhouette autograph of Kyrie Irving /35 and I was super stoked. But, knowing it was a redemption, I gave it the four month wait. As cool as I thought it would be to have an Irving autograph, I looked at his potential first. One, he gets injured often. Two he plays behind LeBron's spotlight. Three, he plays for Cleveland. I knew even though it would have been a cool card that I needed to get it replaced with something that would mean more to me. Luckily Panini's awesome customer service helped me out and I scored this beauty! My first true rookie autograph and my first auto/patch of Odell.


This was well worth the exchange to me. My team, great player and nice looking card. I am pretty happy overall with no complaints.

Thanks goes out to Panini Customer Service for the quick exchange rate on this and for letting me choose my team.

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  1. Awesome card. Agreed. Panini customer service almost always seems to go out of their way to help collectors.