Friday, January 13, 2017

Iconic Childhood Designs Part 1:1995 Score Football

This new segment takes a look at some of my favorite designs from my early years of collecting. These are designs I will never forget and when I see them, they will take me down memory lane.

1995 Score was affordable, had a nice looking base set (though not action packed) and some superb inserts and parallels.

I can't even begin to remember how many packs of this stuff I opened back then. Felt like tons. I spent time chasing NY Giants, my favorite rookies and the parallels. I think I almost had a base set at one point.There was just something with the base that had me wrapped around Score 1995. Maybe as a youngin' it just had eye appeal. I can't explain it.

The base set had a featured player in the forefront with a "ripped" corner that featured the team logo. If a player had changed teams, it would feature the new teams logo in the corner and the player in the previous teams uniform.

Even the subset was fun..Star Struck gave certain players a Hollywood appeal as "fans" or players were reaching out for them in the limelight. I was happy when I had found all of these.

Rookie cards looked neat. Like a child had drew the design, a cool squiggly one, as rookies came tearing up the middle....of the frame in the card. My excitement for the rookies was mainly focused on Kerry Collins who was drafted by the expansion Carolina Panthers with the 5th overall pick. After I found him in a pack, all was good. I felt giddy and accomplished as it was my biggest pull. I think I now own three to five of them and don't ask for one, I am not letting them go!

I also miss the times of NCAA being in an NFL product if it was released before or just after the draft. Better than those plain colored helmets and jerseys or the dreaded 00 jerseys.

Up next, checklists, yes checklists even had me excited in the product. Nothing was wrong with finding one. Helped me collect one more card of a favorite player while trying to figure out what I was missing from the set. (I could never cross it off on the card physically as that would be destroying it. I made a separate list)

Red Siege parallels were cool and fun to find in packs and the odds weren't too tough either. You knew you had pulled one with the base all white. There were Artist Proof versions to find as well.

Other than parallels, there were inserts to find as well, but the base and the Red Siege were the cards that always stuck out most to me in 1995 Score. I think the Elway Red Siege above was my best pull of the parallel set that was pulled in the last few years. I don't think I ever hit the "jackpot" as a kid.

What do you think of 1995 Score football? The design? You ever bust any or have any memories of it? Let me know in comments!

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  1. I think Score is quite underrated. I have to say, however, that the Star Struck subset makes me a little crazy because the back is upside whenever I rotate the card in the way I want to display it.