Monday, January 2, 2017

Should Old Be New Again?

As I continue sorting cards from the past and present, I start to see more and more of the designs I grew up collecting making a return. So it got me to it better to leave these sometimes iconic designs alone or is it good to see them again?

Products like Fleer Retro

Topps Archives

And Topps Heritage revisit designs of the past with putting players of today (in Archives they take players of the past and put them on today's designs) on them.

I sometimes think this a great idea while other times I prefer for those designs to be left alone and be remembered the way they were. I think one thing that turns me away is the feel of the cards as today's version may look the same, but the card stock and surface are not usually. 

However, like I said, I am up in the air on how I feel about this. Because honestly, it is sometimes cool to see my favorite players of today being on some of those older designs I grew up collecting or remembering.

Then there are the other times where I am thinking, just leave that design alone! It was done once, it has it's place in cardboard history, don't ruin it or the memories I have attached to it.

Then I may feel, wow, Mike Trout on 1991 Topps, Cool!

So what do you think, should a design only be used once or do you like seeing it revisited in today's hobby world? Which side of the fence are you on with this or are you like me?


  1. I really enjoy Archives for two major reasons:

    #1: Love their Fan Favorites autographs.
    #2: Like you said in your post... it's cool to see current players in old designs.

    With that being said... I am getting tired of Topps rehashing reprints of the same card over and over again. As a Tony Gwynn collector, you'd be surprised at how many times I've seen his 1983 rookie card used in insert sets. But that's just my 19¢.

  2. I love retro products. I enjoy the experience they bring over normal products. Having said that, I am not excited about 2017 Gypsy Queen. They made too many changes.