Sunday, January 8, 2017

Trio Of Signatures

Today's post was supposed to be the exciting return of Sunday's With Rodney with some of my newest Hampton collection additions, but instead, I will put a delay on that til next week and highlight the trio of Giants rookies this year making an impact on the team as it gets ready to play the Green Bay Packers today at 4:20pm.

This is a trio signature featuring those great draftees of Paul Perkins, Sterling Shepard and Eli Apple who each have contributed helping lead the Giants to their first playoff game in 5 years.
This card just came to me from a contest I won on Twitter from @BeckettRadio who ran a ton of Christmas and New Years giveaways. It's 19/25 and is from 2016 Donruss Signatures a product I didn't get to open. This is by far my best card I have of these three rookies from 2016.
A big thanks goes out to @BeckettRadio for the contest and card. If you haven't checked them out or their show on the hobby, go give em a follow and do so!
Also I gotta say many thanks to my Twitter followers who threw my name into the hat to add this card to my collection. I appreciate you all immensely!!!


  1. I would like to point out that 1925 was the year that Mara founded the team, so a very cool connection with the serial number.

  2. I think it's neat that a guy named Apple plays in NYC, sometimes called the Big Apple.