Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Something To Harp About, An #ActOfChristmasKindness Contest Mail Day

Every year my wife and I do many fundraising and donations for a variety of things. Putting others first before ourselves is something we strive for.

So every year for Christmas, we donate brand new baby clothes to the local hospital for newborn babies. Even with the financial struggles of 2016, we continued our tradition of doing it.

@Mike_McKenna on Twitter was hosting a contest wanting to know what #ActOfChristmasKindness had everyone done. Up for grabs were some 2016 Topps Chrome base card variations, that are actually cool looking refractors, just for letting him know your deeds of kindness. I had mentioned the baby clothes as my #ActOfChristmasKindness and was chosen as a random winner. Not that I needed anything for doing a good deed.

As a winner, you were getting mailed one of the variations not knowing ahead of time what you were getting. I honestly didn't mind which one I got as it was generous of Mike in the first place to give back to those who give and as I said earlier, not that I needed anything in the first place for what we do.

However, I will admit after opening the envelope yesterday, I was a bit giddy about getting Bryce Harper out of the cards that were up for grabs.He is one of the faces of MLB and seems to be a good guy on and off the field which I really like in a player. The picture on this card tells that story.

The card is also very shiny and everyone knows my love of shiny objects. My camera on my phone didn't do a very good job of capturing the cards shine.

A closer-up picture.
A big thanks goes out to Mike for this amazing card. It will be something that I will always treasure and hold onto and remember the reason behind it. If you are not following him, @Mike_McKenna, I suggest you do. Good all around dude.


  1. That s cool to get the card and wonderful about donating to the local children's hospital. I didn't do it this year because of turmoil in the last two months but each year my kids and I pick out some toys and donate them to the children's hospital.