Saturday, January 21, 2017

Mail Day Saturday:Reader Mail Day I

There is much to post from this package I got from reader Grady M at the end of December that alone will take up a few posts and that's not even counting the many other new pickups I got using my eBay gift card I got from Christmas. Mail Day Saturday should keep rolling for awhile!

Today's focus will be on the Giants I got from his box. Even though their season is done, for me, football is never over nor is collecting football cards.

Victor Cruz cards in this group along with some rookies as well.

Eli! Despite his poor outing in this years playoffs, will still go down as one of the greats. Yes, I said greats. Was glad to see the Player Of The Day card added in there since I didn't get to participate this year.

Odell adds. I know many harped on him about the boat party contributing to his bad play against the Packers, I just think it's just the way the Giants offense has played all year. Add in the cold and it was a disaster. Was thinking with these new adds that I should start to tally other Giants players I have multiple cards of.

Shiny stuff also from a guy I believe is Defensive Player Of The Year! I did find it odd to find Andre Williams as a Giant in a late season release as he was cut long ago, but I will take it for his PC. I also really like the red/white/blue parallels a lot.

A great start to my Grady M mail day show off. Come back next week for more.

Thanks for reading!

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