Monday, January 16, 2017

BASEically Awesome Part 1:2012 Gridiron Football

This new segment, I take a glance at base cards from a variety of sports and products and look at some of my favorite images of each. Yes, I am a collector who still cares about base cards so deal with it.

Today I kick off this new segment with a great one. I take a look at 2012 Gridiron Football. A product that wasn't really easy to narrow down some of my favorite images from as it was loaded, so I found these five images that were the most accessible to grab from my collection that way other images from the set won't be jealous I left them out.

Gridiron is the first and one of the very few that Panini took a lot of effort in amazing choosing images for. It's too bad the product was a one year and done one.

So let's take a gander.

This is probably my favorite image of this group. I hope the fans involved in this image with Jamaal got themselves a copy. They made it onto a football card for just being at a game!

Matty Ice running an audible and most likely looking Julio's way.

No butt fumble here. Straight up TD. Jets a flyin!

Brees is a tough guy who fights for extra yards when he can and I still think one of the more underrated throwers in the game. Guy puts up incredible record breaking numbers every year with a bunch of no name WR's. He turns them into stars.

And Larry Fitz, boy we will miss him making plays like this attempt to break free from a wannabe tackler.

Sadly these are just a tip of the iceberg of images in this product. I could have posted every card, but 200 images is a lot to post. Though I am sure you guys would have enjoyed every one of them.

Which one of the above images are your favorite? If you know this product well or wanna spend a few minutes looking up the images online, which card overall in the set is your top notch favorite? Let me know in comments!


  1. Always love crowd participation, they are just as excited as the player, probably even more so.

    The Drew Brees is pretty cool

  2. The Santonio Holmes flying like a jet is even better than the Sanchez. My favorite is Julius Peppers making a FG block.