Saturday, July 5, 2014

Retail Break 'Em: 2014 Score Football Blaster Break

In this edition of Retail Break 'Em, I went Score football again. I know, I know, I haven't had much luck with the product in my two previous breaks, but with the hype surrounding the blaster boxes I had to give them a try.

Now onto the results. Score football blasters have 12 packs per blaster and 132 cards per box. Each pack has 3 rookie cards and seem to one insert per. Each blaster also guarantees one game used veteran card or one rookie relic for $20. Seems like a deal to me especially after opening the 24 pk box.

Best rookies in my I stated in an article Manziels...

Really cool! Didn't know about these inclusions:

Once again, love this design:

Nice pull right here /99

And my first HIT from Score football and not a bad one as I am a Manuel fan:
Overall, much more impressive. I pulled a numbered card and a relic. There are also shots at autographs in these as well. The pulls from this blaster are something I didn't even hit out of 33 packs previous packs from a 24 pk box and 9 bonus from another 24 pk box. It seems the configuration for Score is a little backwards this year as I would definitely stick to blaster boxes which you actually get something in.

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