Friday, February 20, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2014 Upper Deck USA Football 5-Pack Break

Since 2012, I have made sure to pick up some Upper Deck USA football. Why? Well, it's the only football prospecting product out there. This product consists of the top high schoolers in both Canada and the USA. Though I am a bit confused by Canada still being in a USA product. Should be two seperate. None-the-less, it's still a great bust.

Now you may be asking, why am I so high on USA football?  In the 2012 edition, it alone has possible NFL first round draft picks in 2015 with Jameis Winston (who could go number 1) and Todd Gurley. 2013 edition has yet to be seen what they could produce and 2014 could have possible big names as well.

Upper Deck also has a new box layout for the product that is now including 14 hits in an 18 pack box. And with packs running at $5.50 each, you can't really go wrong when most of the time you will get a hit. 11 of those hits will be autographs.There is no other prospecting product like it baseball or football.

So here is my 5 pack break. I got four hits out of my five packs. I don't know the names, yet, but like with any prospecting product, you could soon.

In every pack of USA football you get 12 cards consisting of base from both USA and Canada players.

The base card design is simple, but looks nice. The card stock, high gloss, layout and design is very similar to Upper Deck Victory.

Back of the card

Canada base card

Autograph hits

Jersey card. There are only 2 of these per box and all are most importantly GAME WORN!!

And another thing I like about this product is the amazing patches they come with. I have pulled a nice patch every year. This years comes with one patch per box.
Overall, a great break. Nice looking base cards, future prospect autographs and a nice patch. Can't argue with this product. I strongly recommend you go pick some up before these guys are stars.

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  1. Interesting product. Imagine if Winston becomes the next elite QB... this stuff would soar. If I was into prospecting, I'd be all over this stuff.