Saturday, June 27, 2015

Graded Greats Wax Museum Breaks:1980 Topps Baseball

Last week I participated in my very first and the inaugural, Graded Greats Wax Museum TV break. What is that you may ask, well, I will break it down for you in simple terms.

It's a unique break that invites you to go back in time and bust some older packs. For $35, you get randomed a pack from the following list of baseball packs:
  • 1977 Topps pack
  • 1978 Topps pack
  • 1979 Topps pack
  • 1980 Topps pack
  • 1981, 82, 83 Tripack (1 of each year)
On top each pack spot you get in for, you also get a CHASER BOX with a Vintage HOF Card or Cards.

And as another extra bonus, Graded Greats will create a checklist before each night of breaks with replacement cards for random commons that you may pull out of your pack. For an example, as taken from their site, in 1980 Topps they may replace the Expos team card with a HOF relic. That's a pretty cool bonus and something you will see happened to me as you continue reading..

Now onto a real example of what their breaks are about. For my random pack, I was randomed 1980 Topps baseball.

My pack break was extremely weak. This Gossage was pretty much the highlight of the pack as I found no Rickey Henderson (I am pretty sure someone else had pulled one in the break) or other stars. I do like the base card design however.

For my Vintage HOF raw card I got this 1970 Topps Brooks Robinson.

And for my common card replacement, I ended up with this shiny new item...
Absolutely love this card and the player.

Overall it was a fun experience, I just wished I had been a bit more lucky with the pack.

If you are a fan of vintage breaks/cards and don't mind taking a little risk for what could be a huge payoff, I recommend you give this a try. The bonuses are nice as well and one of them is even a Stan the man Musial auto!

Find out more information and to get a spot right HERE..

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  1. Very cool concept. Congratulations on that beautiful Reggie relic!