Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rookies Galore! Another Grady Mail Day Part 1

Earlier last week, the Twitter world for me was quiet. Then I saw I had a new notification that had the best words I have ever heard....Keep Your Eyes Peeled! Which means, Grady had sent me out another mail day.

What I didn't expect on Thursday when the package arrived, was a 400 ct white box LOADED full of goodies!

So with so many cards and so much show off, I had to break this down to a 5-part series. So make sure you return on a daily basis to view complete awesomeness!

In part 1 of my showcase, I am showing off the rookies from the box. There are tons to show!

Football rookies, mostly defense, but some key ones in Aaron Donald and Ha Ha Clinton Dix!

A Clowney and Borland sighting here.

Rookie parallels.Well, Gilbert isn't but he is numbered so I stuck him here.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my eyes!!! The design is awful, but got some Bowman rookies I didn't have.

Some much needed 2015 rookies. Man, I am really going to miss Upper Deck football :(

And to close up Part 1 of this mail day, a Young Gun. Man, I love getting these. I wished all rookie cards were done this way, it would help with their values and make the chase more fun.
Just think, this is only the scratch of the surface. Stay tuned as Grady's mail day week continues tomorrow!

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