Monday, November 2, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2015 Upper Deck Industry Summit Box

I think some of the best and unique cards from companies are the ones that come from their promotions. You know Father's Day, The National, Black Friday, NHCD, and so on and so forth. Another one of those promotions is Upper Deck's BLACK BOX that you get at the Industry Summit. These are only available to those who are at the show, but you can also find some listed online that shop owners may list to sell and Upper Deck also gave a few away to Volunteer Alliance members and on their blog.

One of the fun things about this Black Box is the amazing finds that could be inside. It could be the best two cards you ever get! You can find autographs from all the top names from MJ to LeBron to Wayne Gretzky and even to Tiger Woods. Sometimes these guys are even all on the same card. BAM! And they are all low numbered which makes them a tough find.

My black box wasn't as exciting as some that I saw, but still a couple pretty cool cards and autographs from players I didn't have. Let's see who I got...

My first autograph from the box was this Steve Carlton. I must note immediately, UPPER DECK NAILED AN AWESOME DESIGN WITH THESE!!! Nothing says Las Vegas, where the Summit is held, more than playing cards.

Love how they did the back of the card as well.

My second and final autograph from the box was the legendary Bill Walton.

Overall, I really like the design and I got two decent autographs for my PC. Would definitely be something I would like to open again with the autograph lineup. Maybe I will keep my eye out for a decent priced eBay listing!


  1. One of the sellers I buy from randomized his box to his customers. Thought that was a cool idea. Nothing wrong with Walton and Carlton!

  2. Kudos to UD for the creative idea. Like Mr. Scott stated... nothing wrong with Walton and Carlton.