Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Breakin Wax:Psych Seasons 5-8 Hobby Box

Yesterday I showed you my results from a Seasons 1-4 box of Psych, today is the final three seasons of 5-8.

I didn't post a box picture because this is my second break of the product just like with 1-4. You can always find it on the blog by searching :)

I will break down a box again however.

Every box of Psych trading cards seasons 5-8 comes with 24 packs with 5 cards per pack. You will find three on-card autographs per box with boxes running roughly $45.

Here are my inserts. They seem to be much more tougher pulls in the second series which is fine with me as it drives up value. But that also means more base cards but I did get the base set.

Now onto the autographs. My first box contained two of these so I got two doubles. I am not going to complain however, all three of these autographs are good ones.

French Stewart I pulled in my first box.

Malcolm McDowell I pulled in my first box too.

However, Diedrich Bader, I needed. Most of us remember him from his ditzy character in the 90's on Drew Carey.
Once again I will say that I have no complaints even with the two doubles. I plan on keeping those by the way.

With these two good box breaks of Psych, I definitely want to go back for more. I am really hoping the next time that I bust a box that I land Shawn or Gus. I would be PSYCHed!

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