Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I Am In Prizm!:Grady M Mail Day Part 9

We have finally got this down to the final two posts of this epic mail day. Today's post features the rest of the shiny-stuff.

Up first, Crusades. I have said this for awhile, this needs to be its own product for football.

Sick looking Troy! Sparkly and shiny!

Topps rainbow foils.

Oh no! I am headed to Prizm! Lot's of color and shine with these!

More Prizm with some great players like Von Miller and Marcus Mariota.

Numbered shiny including an Anthony Barr numbered to 32.

These Cooperstown cracked ice look amazing. Even got Gehrig and Robinson!

And I finish this up with some Platinum.
Only one more post to go. I would say that I saved the best for last, but there was way too much good stuff in here to make that statement. So, I saved the hits for last that also includes a 1/1!

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