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REVIEW:2016 Bowman Chrome Baseball Hobby Box+GIVEAWAY (2 BONUS HITS!)

Bowman Chrome is a hobby staple at least in my household.

You combine rookies, prospects, refractors, numbered cards, rookie/prospects autos, memorabilia cards all in one could you not be interested???

This was a bit of an odd break for me of the product as I got pretty luck doubling up my hits in the box. One mini box alone had three.

What were my thoughts overall on the break, well, read on!

In every hobby box of 2016 Bowman Chrome baseball you will find 2 Mini-Boxes with 6 Packs Per Mini-Box and 5 Cards Per Pack. There should be 2 autographs per box on average.

Base cards in the product are simply just the Bowman cards chromed. So if you liked the design in Bowman, this should only be better. The base cards checklist includes current MLB veterans and 2016 rookies like the Gary Sanchez I pulled. Seager was in my box as well.

There are 100 cards to collect in the base set including key rookie cards of Corey Seager, Gary Sanchez, Kenta Maeda, Julio Urias, Nomar Mazara, Jameson Taillon, Miguel Sano, Blake Snell, Byung-Ho Park, Tyler White, Aaron Nola, Kyle Schwarber, Michael Fulmer, Stephen Piscotty, Trea Turner, Jose Berrios, Trevor Story, Luis Severino, Michael Conforto, Albert Almora, Greg Bird, and Max Kepler.

Prospect cards also have the same design besides the upgraded Chrome look.

There are also 100 cards to collect in this set.

Well, it's chrome, so you gotta have those refractor parallels! All chrome refractors are numbered and don't come aplenty. Two things I think are huge upgrades and gives added value.

1st prosepect is an Orange parallel #d to 25 and the Fernandez is /150
Other refractors not found in my box include...
  • Purple Refractor: sequentially numbered.
  • Green Refractor: sequentially numbered.
  • Gold Refractor: sequentially numbered.
  • Red Refractor: sequentially numbered to 5.
  • SuperFractor: numbered 1/1.
  • Printing Plates: numbered 1/1.
Bowman Scouts' Updates are of those prospects who have made an impact with collectors because of their 2016 performances. Design is simple, but nice.

2015 AFL Fall Stars Game highlights the game's top performers and names. Otherwise known as, collect them before they are hot!

Out Of The Gate is only available in hobby boxes and it's an obvious theme with those rookies who jumped right out of the gate as top ones to watch. We know Trevor Story fell into that category. If only he hadn't gotten injured it would have been fun to see what may have been.
Refractors that Never Were was the only insert I didn't pull. They showcase reprinted Bowman cards of retired greats who never received Bowman refractors. There are also autographed versions.
Now onto the hits!

The usual box pulls are the Chrome Rookie Autographs. These are all on-card autographs. Mine was a Yankee so that's good, however, can't say I know the name but I also didn't know Gary Sanchez either. This was my pull from the first mini box.
It's chrome so you are likely to have refractor parallels. Here those are:
  • Refractor
  • Blue Refractor: sequentially numbered.
  • Green Refractor: sequentially numbered
  • Gold Refractor: sequentially numbered.
  • Orange Refractor: sequentially numbered to 25
  • Red Refractor: sequentially numbered to 5
  • SuperFractor: numbered 1/1
  • Printing Plates: numbered 1/1
My next pull is a toughie to land, a Bowman Scouts Update autograph. This one is numbered to 199 and these fall at 1:543 odds. Not a shabby player I pulled for my first pull of the second mini box. However, it's a sticker auto which doesn't fit with the prospect autos being on-card.
I believe these also have refractor parallels but I can't find the info on those yet. Will update when I do.

To my surprise in the next pack, it was thick and had this nice looking relic card along with the sticker authentication on it. Double bonus I think.
You can find game used hats, bases and bat pieces.

This is a base version /99and I assume of a hat or jersey and these fall at a tough 1:626 odds.
There are parallels to find as well, 
  • Orange Refractor: sequentially numbered to 25.
  • SuperFractor: numbered 1/1.
And my final pack had yet another pull.  This one is on-card but not chromed. A 2015 All American Game autograph that was the toughest pull of the box at 1:1,083 packs. These are today's biggest prospects that were signed while they were still in high school.
Parallels include:
  • Green Refractor: sequentially numbered.
  • Gold Refractor: sequentially numbered.
  • Orange Refractor: sequentially numbered to 25. HOBBY BOX ONLY!
  • SuperFractor: numbered 1/1.
Other tidbits in Bowman Chrome are hobby boxes that will also feature Prospect Blue Shimmer Refractor Hot Packs. More shiny=More goodness.
Overall Thoughts:
Well, even before I doubled my hits, I was thinking that the product was solid for the price. Looking at the fact you pay that price for basic Bowman hobby box if not more for only one hit and some parallels, finding two autographs with all of the other fun options in Bowman Chrome makes this a bigger winner over it's brother product.

Bowman Chrome may not be for everyone though it makes me sad to think that. But, it's definitely for those who love shiny stuff and especially prospecting. Even set collectors may even find it fun with such a small base set and small prospect set.

Now time for the giveaway!

To enter to win this as the first place winner...

One bonus winner will win the MadBum and Fernandez refractors!

 Read the rules that follows...
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  3. Random winner will be chosen after 7 randoms
  4. Card may be shipped PWE. I like to forewarn on this.
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  8. Contest starts today, ends on September 25th 2016. Winner will be announced in a separate post on September 26th 2016
  9. Don't forget to thank the above sponsor of this contest and I won't mind a thank you as well :)
Good luck to all that enter and thanks for reading!


  1. Pro: The ultimate prospector's set. Someone in this set will have a hundred dollar card in a few years.
    Con: Bowman's numbering system is impossible to figure out.

  2. Looks like you got some decent hits! Bowman has had a nice look the past few years. I wish the photos were a little more interesting.

  3. Pro- The prospects check list is always quite awesome.

    Con- Checklist can be watered down a bit with all the different inserts.

  4. Brandon L Entry

    Pro = definitely enjoy seeing all of the prospects
    Con - the photos particularly inn the fall league set could be better

  5. Wow, looks like fun! Congrats!
    Pro: Shiny, lots of variation, good value
    Con: maybe TOO much, so many variations and base

  6. That Williams is an odd find. I have the exact card, except it was pulled from '12 or '13 Bowman Draft. Why would it show up again in '16 Bowman Chrome? Odd. Either way, congrats on the extra hits!

  7. Wow 4 hits! Pretty good. I love bowman since prospects is fun to collect and root for these guys years to come. The on card autographs are great as they really look nice, don't like how they have the sticker autos.

  8. Pro- The best product out for prospecting in my opinion. Also like how some boxes over deliver

    Con- Too many no name players and too similar to their other products. Bowman didn't need to make Bowman, Chrome & Platinum this year..

    I LOVE THE PARK AUTO as he is going to be added into my Asian athlete PC.

    Thanks ask always for the fun contests


    Shared as always

  10. Pro's - Bowman Chrome Autos seems to be the top RC autos to get.
    Con's - Didn't like that sticker auto, when most the others are on card.

    Shared on

    Looking forward to getting my vendor box on Tuesday.
    Thank you for opportunity

  11. First, thank you Topps and Sports Card Collectors for the chance at the cool cards.
    I'd say one pro is the on card, bowman chrome autos that are really the best first or rookie cards of a player.
    Con - the checklist is kind of weak this year, plus the sticker autos on some of the inserts bother me.
    Thanks for the chance.
    retweeted on twitter
    Have a good one

  12. Love bowman chrome. Cracked a vending box at a shop- hit a clad auto. Prefer seeing lots of color but the product is great overall

  13. Pro: The solid autograph checklist.
    Con: A bit pricey for me.

  14. Historically, this is one of my favorite products.

    Pro - return of vending boxes which promise 3 autos and have exclusive black and gold refractors which are really great looking

    Con - don't like the presence of sticker autos in this product.

    Thanks for the great review and the contest!

  15. I haven't bought this product in a while since I'm not a huge prospector. However, you can't beat it for the price. I like the new configuration. I don't see any drawbacks to the product, other than a lack of focus of veteran players.

  16. pros : i love prospect sets / cons : too many variations for me!

  17. Thanks for the review and Topps for the box.

    Pro- color refractors are very appealing.
    Con- deep prospects require far more patience to pay off than I'll ever have :)

  18. Pros: Love the color in general. Also the set design this year is actually competitive as opposed to normal Bowman productions.
    Con: Bowman does not need to "Chromify" their sets. I almost always buy a box of regular Bowman (which also has Chrome in it). The separate Chrome set always seems over the top especially when it comes with the same basic design. I say stick to regular Bowman and Bowman Inception or Platinum (I like Platinum personally).

  19. Thanks for the contest!

    Pro: Can't beat the Chrome and the color variations.
    Con: The small size of the base set as well as the "check in 5 years to see if you pulled somebody" prospect list.

  20. Pro I'd like an indians prospect auto. Con nothing it's a great topps products.Thanks topps and you for the giveaway

  21. Pro I'd like an indians prospect auto. Con nothing it's a great topps products.Thanks topps and you for the giveaway

  22. Pro: Chrome and shiny. As a collector you cannot go wrong
    Con: Needs a bit more veteran presence.


  23. My only problem with this problem is the surface and how scratched some are but I love the inserts and the prospect cards

  24. My only problem with this problem is the surface and how scratched some are but I love the inserts and the prospect cards

  25. Shared on Twitter

  26. Thannks Topps and Sports Card Collectors for the opportunity

    Pros Chrome cards just look edgey

    Con I cant see any

  27. Pro - I love how many prospect cards this set has.
    Con - These can sometimes be tough to keep in pristine condition.

  28. Pro: out of the gate insert is hobby only
    Con: too much glitzy too the card look. Less is more for me.

  29. Pro:Shiny
    Con:I don't see one. Good value it seems for the cost


  30. This comment has been removed by the author.