Friday, March 31, 2017

Wrappers Of Collecting Past:2001 Topps Series 1

Here we are again for another edition of Wrappers Of Collecting past. In this segment you will find wrappers from the late 80s to today. It will cover multiple sport and non sport.

Today we jump back to 2001 to Topps baseball that was celebrating it's 50th anniversary. A golden one that comes with a golden wrapper.
I don't honestly remember a whole lot about Series 1 as Series 2 was the one you wanted more with the Ichiro rookie lurking, but with it being the golden anniversary and my yearly purchasing of flagship, I was on board to buy either way. I do remember trying to chase down my Yankee needs. I also was hoping to pull an "original" Topps card. Never did though.

The inserts were really sharp to and the relic cards were well designed that year so those were some of my chases as well.

What about you? What were you chasing down in 2001 Topps baseball? Let me know in comments!

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