Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Chasing Lamar:2018 Panini Football Blaster Box

Here I am at it again. Chasing Lamar. Nothing like the 1997 movie flick Chasing Amy. Don't get them confused.

This time I went a different box even though I should have tried another one of those Donruss blaster boxes for the price it was at.

This time let's rip a Blaster box of 2018 Panini football blaster. This one went for $20 just like in retail.

Panini Blue Knight parallel.

Great player canvas rookie of Roquan Smith

Hines canvas rookie

Watson insert

Earl Thomas insert. It's still weird seeing him in a Ravens uniform.

Alvin Kamara has had a down year with injuries but he could turn it on just in time for the playoffs

Harold Landry blue knight canvas

PC! Well, Odell Beckham Jr Lightspeed. I wished he was still in this offense with Daniel Jones and the other young talent. However, I don't miss the drama

And my hit from this box, a Matt Ryan Honored jersey. Great job with design on this one I say.

No Lamar action again, or even my boy Saquon. Oh well, it was still a fun rip and pulled some okay cards.

And I got to see my favorite part of Panini football, the action photos. Here is a gallery of some of my favorites from this rip to leave ya til next Chasing Lamar!


  1. Based on your Kamara comment... I'm guessing this post was written a few weeks ago. If true, I'm impressed that you have posts written so far in advance. I'm barely meeting my posting deadlines. Heck... I totally missed my Tuesday post this week.

    1. I had so many drafts backed up, I scheduled them ALL. I don't have to blog again til March.

  2. This is kind of weird set for Panini, the base cards almost have a, dare I say, Pro Set feel to them!

    1. How dare you compare them to such greatness, but I agree