Saturday, January 25, 2020

Kerry Collins Of The Week Part 1

Welcome to the latest segment here on SCC!

It's the Kerry Collins of the week adds. I don't know how long I will keep this segment going, depends on response, but I thought I would show off some recent additions to my growing Kerry Collins PC.

That PC has now hit over 300 different cards out of 2,000+ different so there is still a long ways to go, but I am fine with that.

I was originally going to move this to the Saturday slot in place of $25 A Week Challenge and treat it like I do the Rodney Hampton on Sunday's by doing it card by card, but I decided it was simply too hard to keep up that way with as hard and fast as these were coming in.

So here we go with Week 1!

1996 Collectors Edge Advantage Crystal Cuts silver

2004 Prestige X's

1997 Bowmans Best Mirror Image Refractor

1997 Topps Mystery Finest Bronze

1998 Pacific Paramount Personal Bests

1995 Pinnacle GameBreakers

2002 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion

1995 Classic SP2 COA sealed pack Kerry Collins Autograph

Well, some solid finds this week. Next week, stay tuned for even more!


  1. All inserts and parallels (and an auto)... nice! It's kind of neat to see the autograph still sealed, with that the style of wrapper though it makes look like it came from a box of cereal :)

    1. Imagine how much cereal we would eat if they came with cards...even random autographs?!

  2. Please please please keep this going. Collins was a favorite of mine and I considered making a PC of him.

    1. It will be for a few weeks anyways! I have been posting some on TWitter as well :)