Saturday, June 6, 2020

Have I Lost My Mind?

Have I lost my mind? Has quarantine really played with it? What am I even thinking?

Do I have answers to any of these burning questions?


Why do I have those questions? Well, over the course of the past month, I have added three new blogs to my blogging. THREE.

One is Cards Over Coffee that I have been partially promoting on here but two others just had their first posts up today.

I may not be able to answer the questions above about my sanity but I can answer some of these FAQ's I expect.

Q:How do you find time to do five blogs?

A:Well, I really only focus on getting this one a posted daily. Otherwise, the other blogs get posts when I find time and have the materials ready to go.

Q:You say you're running out of ideas on here for posts, but you start up multiple other blogs with new posts?

A:The new blogs have their own specific directions and may revisit old stuff I have already done. Sport Card Collectors no longer has a direction really.

Q:If I add those new blogs to my blogroll and follow it, will you keep posting on them or drop them like your past attempts at more than one blog leaving me with a blogroll full of nothing?

A:I plan to keep posting on all of them. Like I said, they won't be daily like this one at all and could be once a week. Could be more. Could be even less. But, they should keep on having new posts. I don't plan to stretch myself thin with them like I did with other blogs in the past which is why they failed.

Q:What are these blogs names, links, and can you tell me a little about them?

  1. Snagging Cardboard: This is my NY Giants card blog and sometimes complaint central during the season. I post my cards there and sometimes an article.
  2. Cards Over Coffee: If you are looking for my best work, that's this blog. I spend a long time working on these articles and try to tell a story about the cards while having a nice hot brew. there is plenty of reading on this blog so far and many great cards you may have missed out on if you haven't read it yet. You can find Cards Over Coffee on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well.
  3. Collectin' Rodney: Well, it's my Rodney Hampton PC. I will do my best to keep it in order from 1990 til now re-visiting all of the cards and sets along the way.
  4. Let's Talk About Sets: Just like with the segment on here, I will be using that blog to post a front and back of a set need along with the numbers I need as well. I am hopeful that will show what I need to others can recognize it. Maybe even some of you have stuff I need.
  5. Sport Card Collectors: Mail days, reviews, Rodney's Cardboard, Autograph Of The Week.This will be the main purpose of this blog.
Follow the ones you think are interesting, leave the rest or follow them all and add them to your blogrolls. Completely up to you. I have had some partial discussions with myself, who doesn't talk to themselves, about possibly retiring this blog and going to Cards Over Coffee full time. But, as of now, I have no plans to do that and plan to continue what I have been doing here for almost 9 years. And I am only 101 posts from hitting the 5,000 plateau once this one publishes. Also remember this is also a streak of no missed days on here since March 2012.

I hope I clarified everything up and maybe even caught you off guard today with all of this.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I’ll be adding the new ones to my reading list when I get home!

  2. Sounds like you've got too much time on your hands... might not be a bad idea for you to look into getting a hobby of some sort :)

  3. With a gazillion things to do, what's a couple more.

  4. Five blogs? I can barely manage one.

    1. Well, like I said, the others I won't let pressure me. If I post once a week, it works for me. This one though, has got to be my daily one.

  5. I've been really enjoying the Cards Over Coffee blog! Keep up the good work!