Friday, June 27, 2014

2014 Panini Father's Day 16 Pack Break: 1 WOWZER!

If you have been wondering why it has taken me awhile to post these, I have been on vacation away from my computer. Now that I am back, I have gotta share these and couldn't wait to!

I ended up getting enough Panini product to land myself 16 packs to open. Last year, I broke about the same and ended up with half of the packs being hits. This time was pretty similar except the only difference was,  I hit it big this year.

First off, I will show off the base cards I pulled.

Sweet Tanaka and Abreu rookies!

Numbered rookie cards:

Elements is a pretty cool insert set displaying athletes playing in the "elements".

Not a bad guy to have any cards of right now. Pretty cool design as well:

First hit..numbered to 15! Green 2013 Select parallel!

Now onto the rest of the hits including a huge one!

Piece of a draft day hat!

Pulled from my first pack!

Some Lava Flow LUCK!

Another big hit, Patrick Kane auto 15/15!!

And the BIG HIT.......BOOM! Jose Abreu rookie autograph! I almost fainted!
Some amazing stuff in Panini Father's Day packs. I went on vacation four hours away so I could participate. So glad that I did.

Let me know your thoughts on Panini's Father's Day promo and my pulls from the promotion!

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