Thursday, June 26, 2014

That 90's Mail Day: The J.Hoffman Trade Part 3: EPIC AUTOGRAPH!

Awhile back I had made a trade with Jonathan Hoffman in which I acquired some pretty sweet stuff, you can find that article right HERE, well, after much delay, now is the time to reveal the final part of it.

We are finally down to the best card out of my trade and it is absolutely a beauty and is mind blowing. If you remember, I posted an article about a Barry Sanders card that made me cry and here is why. Well, fast forward almost 20 years and I finally have come to a resolution...I have traded for that card I wanted so many years ago and here it is....THE ONE....THE ONLY..... 1996 SPX JOE MONTANA UPPER DECK TRIBUTE AUTOGRAPH:

WOWZA! WHAT A CARD!! I can't take my eyes off from it most days. If it wasn't for this huge trade with Jonathan, this dream card never would have been made an reality. Thanks again Jonathan! Now I just need to get myself the autographed Dan Marino one to match!

I also may try and get a round-a-bout complete 1996 Spx football collection.  I just need the Joe Montana Tribute insert along with the Dan Marino Record Breaker one and obviously the Marino Auto. I don't think I will aim for all of the gold parallels or the Holofame Collection but you never know!

I plan on keeping you guys updated on my search for my next pieces I want. In the meantime, take a minute and comment with your thoughts on this mail day!

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