Friday, June 6, 2014

Hobby Break 'Em: 2012 Upper Deck USA Football

In this edition of Hobby Break 'Em, I decided to break a hobby set of 2012 USA Football to try and get some Jameis Winston in my collection before he becomes too big. Yes, he has had his off-the-field issues, but I think as he gets another year or two under his belt he could easily be a number one pick. 

In each box you get the 50 card set. The base cards look like this and Winston is the top card (though not number one in the set):

I thought the base cards look extremely nice and set the tone for rest of the box as they fit the theme of the product.

Possible future stars could be here. You get 8 hits per box including 1-2 autographs and 5-6 game used!

Pretty sweet patch! You get one of these per box!

BOOM! BIG PULL ALERT! Exactly what I was hoping for..a Winston Game Used!

BOOM BIG PULL ALERT X2! A 1/1 Printing Plate!
Overall, you would be stupid to not want to buy one of these. The Winston base card alone sells for about half of what you pay for the set so looking at my break, I way over got my money's worth. Each of these sets go for roughly $40-$50 in most places. I would recommend buying one especially if you are a prospector because you never know when one of these guys will make it to the NFL and if they do you will already have their first card.

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