Friday, June 27, 2014

Hobby Break 'Em: 2014 Score Football 9 Hobby Pack Break

When hearing that the first NFL release would appear while I was on vacation near an LCS, I knew I was going to make a run for it. So my first purchase was for eight packs (the ninth was free) to see how many rookies I could get.

Here are the best cards I got from the break along with some examples of the base cards.

Here is the base card, Top 100 Card and rookie card (Odell Beckham was the best rookie of the group I pulled. Most packs contained 2-3 rookies) design that makes up the base set:

Here are the Scorecard parallels I pulled from the nine packs:
And the rest of the inserts:
I didn't pull an autograph, memorabilia or numbered card but thought I did pretty decent for a nine pack break. It appears that inserts fall one-per-pack as I got one in every pack. I must say out of those inserts I am a huge fan of the Hot Rookie design! Looks spectacular! I am also happy to finally have some NFL true rookies of this exciting draft class to put in my PC.

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