Monday, June 2, 2014

Winner Of June's Week 1 Contest

Well, this week most of you chose LA to take home the win, but with Pitt pulling off the upset on the road it narrowed down the field to pick this weeks winner. Since there wasn't many who picked Pitt and only ONE of you stood out above the rest by being square on with the total runs scored of 8 and that person is....DRUMROLL.....@APetrelak! Congrats @APetrelak!! Please contact me on Twitter with your address information. In two weeks you will need to comeback when the week three winner is chosen to pick your prize! You have also made it into the winner's circle which also gives you access to be able to enter October's BIG CONTEST!

Thanks to all that entered this week! Week 2 of June's contest is already posted so go ahead and enter and you may never know! So far there has been no repeat winners!

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